SD Hikmah I Yapis Jayapura. SMP Patra Dharma 2 Balikpapan. SMP 5 Semarang. SMA 3 Semarang. Bandung Institute of Technology 2008. Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering. Geophysics Engineering. HIMA-TG TERRA ITB. INDEPENDENT!. Ganesha Football League 2012.

Football. Chess. Beach. City Lights. Black and White. Strawberry Sundae. Psychology. Mathematics. Books. Reading. Writing. Sagittarius. Manchester United. WordPress.

Facebook : Reananda Hidayat
Twitter : reanhidayat
Goodreads : reananda
LinkedIn : Reananda Hidayat                                                                                       Email : reanhidayat@gmail.com

Reananda Hidayat Permono


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hallo Reananda, pa kabar? Oh iya salam kenal yak. Mampir ke lapak kami.

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